OSA Osteomed Sur. Orthognathic Treatment

About the Product:

Easy and compact module of special plates with low profile, specially developed for advances in Orthognathic Surgeries.

Comprising the OSA system: 1.6 mm plates (Pre-bent and Buttress), 2.0 mm (Double-Row and ISO Chin), Auto-Drive and Standard screws


  • Orthognathic maxilla and mandible
  • Fixing the middle third of the face


  • Pre-bent plates that allow advances of up to 12mm
  • Double-Row BSSO plates allow 6mm-14mm feedthroughs
  • Buttress plates for LeFort I advance, decrease the need to mold the plate
  • ISO Chin plates allow advances of 4mm-12mm

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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