Osteomed Mandibular Reconstruction

About the Product:

System dedicated to trauma and mandibular reconstruction procedures.

Composed of 2.0mm and 2.4mm plates and screws, including DCP (Compression Dynamics) and Locking plates.

Lag screws that eliminate the need for perforation of the proximal cortex in fixation by the usual technique.

Quick-Fix Screw 2.0mm Self-Drive, are self-drilling screws intended for Maxillo-Mandibular Lock, easy to insert and allow great time savings in accomplishing this step.


Screws available in the system: Standard, Auto-Drive, Locking and Safety.

  • Mandibular fracture system
    • 2.4mm locking plates
    • 2.4mm Dynamic Compression Plates
    • 2.0mm locking fx boards
    • Plates 2.0mm BSSO
    • Lag screws
  • Mandibular reconstruction system
    • Plates 2.4mm locking Reconstruction
    • Respective Templates for Reconstruction
  • Instrumentation
    • Pliers for pliers
    • Bending pliers for contours and curves
    • Cutters
  • Locking System
    • The thread at the interface plate / screw, increases the retention of the system and does not allow movement between the devices of the same (plate-bone-screw).


  • System of Reconstruction and Mandibular Fractures is indicated for the rigid fixation of the mandible.
  • Partial or total jaw reconstruction
  • Angle fracture
  • symphyseal and parasymphyseal
  • Trauma: All types of mandibular fracture


The low profile of the system minimizes palpability.

Provides extremely safe and reliable options for any traumatology situation.

DCP plates that allow one millimeter of compression on each side, resulting in two millimeters. Indicated when the fracture can not be reduced manually.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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